November 25, 2015: Two Dynamic Deals At Warehouse 23

FREE SHIPPING for any order of $65 or more (normally $100 minimum) at Warehouse 23:

That's right! Starting today, if you buy $65 or more in physical product on Warehouse 23 you receive free FedEx domestic shipping. Not valid on international orders. Sorry, guys. This deal ends on our final shipping day of 2015, December 18! So if you're looking for the perfect gifts for the munchkins in your life, there's no better time than the "present" (see what I did there?). Pop over to�Warehouse 23 to peruse the plethora of products we purvey!

The order must be shipped within the continental U.S., and this excludes APOs/FPOs and P.O. Boxes. Just choose the default shipping method at checkout to qualify. It's the one with $0.00! More shipping details are on Warehouse 23.

Munchkin Messenger Bag Bonus:

munchkin messenger bag promo shotHave you been on the fence about picking up a Munchkin Messenger Bag? Well, come down from your fence and open the gate, because for a limited time it comes with a ton of extra goodies! The Munchkin Messenger Bag normally comes with a couple of promo cards and a unique Jumbo D6, but from now through Friday, December 18, when you purchase a Munchkin Messenger Bag at regular price, we'll throw in lots and lots more swag - more than $30 of assorted dice and cards and boosters and bookmarks and .�.�. who knows what else!

--�Andreas Stein

Warehouse 23 News: Do You Want Free Shipping?

From now until December 18, continental U.S. orders over $65 are eligible for free shipping!

Load up your crate for the holidays and get free shipping from Warehouse 23. (Some destination restrictions apply; see site for details.)

November 24, 2015: Loving The Petcube

Petcube working it&quot;s magicI'm officially the crazy cat lady in the office. With six cats at home, I am pretty sure I've got everyone else in the building beat when it comes to spending ridiculous amounts of time chasing kitties and loving them. Unfortunately, I travel so much for work that I sometimes go an entire week without seeing and playing with the kitties.

That would never do, so I recently added a new tool to the toybox. Say hello to the Petcube, a wifi-enabled webcam and laser pointer device that allows me to see  and play!  with the kitties when I'm on the road. Motor (pictured), less than two years old and over 15 pounds, loves the laser and has already learned that when the Petcube chimes it's time to play.

Yeah, the future is far stranger than I ever imagined. I may not own a flying car, but the next time I'm on the other side of the world I'll be able to play with my cats .�.�. and that's a far more relaxing and fulfilling experience than flying around in a car.

 Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Grab Your Free Munchkin Oz Die!

While supplies last, every order of at least $10 will get one free Munchkin Oz die!

Get yours from Warehouse 23 before they are gon

November 23, 2015: Munchkin Guest Artist T-Shirts Available Today At Warehouse 23!

We've been talking for weeks now about next year's lineup of Munchkin Guest Artist Edition games. You still have to wait a little while longer to get your hands on those. But we're kicking off the Guest Artist fun a little earlier than that, with three new Munchkin Guest Artist T-Shirts, which will be going on sale today at Warehouse 23. You can choose:

Ian McGinty&quot;s Munchkin Guest Artist T-ShirtThe Munchkin Guest Artist T-Shirt, with art by Ian McGinty. Spyke knows how to handle monsters: Drop The Hammer! Ian's Munchkin Guest Artist Edition will be shipping to stores in January.

Len Peralta&quot;s Star Munchkin Guest Artist T-ShirtThe Star Munchkin Guest Artist T-Shirt, with art by Len Peralta. We know all our Munchkin fans are stars, and now you can show everyone else that it's true! Len's Star Munchkin Guest Artist Edition will be shipping to stores in March.

Katie Cook&quot;s Munchkin Cthulhu Guest Artist T-ShirtThe Munchkin Cthulhu Guest Artist T-Shirt, with art by Katie Cook. Mind-shattering abominations from beyond space and time have never been this adorable before! Those poor investigators have no idea about the cuddly terror that awaits them. Katie's Munchkin Cthulhu Guest Artist Edition will be shipping to stores in June.

Pick up the shirt that shows your favorite set .�.�. or, heck, just get all three! Quantities are limited, so don't hesitate or you might miss out, and that would make all of us, especially these artists, very sad. Keep watching the Daily Illuminator for more news about all the Munchkin Guest Artist fun!

 Andrew Hackard

Warehouse 23 News: At Last .�.�. A Home For Your Archlich!

To make a great dungeon for your archlich, you need brilliant blueprints. We at Warehouse 23 have got you covered, with a download of 0one's Blueprints: Megadungeons - Archlich's Lair. Use its six maps individually, or join them together to make a megadungeon worthy of an undead l

November 22, 2015: MIB Report: NPR Confirms Games Are Good

Check out this interview with�Michael Witwer, the author of Empire of Imagination: Gary Gygax and the Birth of Dungeons and Dragons. What he�says about D&D�affirms what we knew more generally: games are good, and games with people are better than games with pixels. Keep those dice rolling!

 W. Glenn Kirkconnell, MIB 1617

Warehouse 23 News: Bats Just Got Creepier

Some of nature's flying rats harbor a secret that reveals itself on moonlight nights .�.�. and when that happens, no one is safe. Find out more from Bite Me! Werebats. Its arcane lore is just a download away at�Warehouse 2

November 21, 2015: The Future Of Bio-Tech Is Here!

Transhuman Space: Bio-Tech 2100 In the futuristic world of Transhuman Space, biotechnology changed everything. Information on all aspects of the biotechnological revolution are here at least, within the pages of Transhuman Space: Bio-Tech 2100. Written by Transhuman Space line editor Phil Masters, this supplement complements the work started in Transhuman Space: Bioroid Bazaar, with a closer examination of information upgrades, uplifts, bioshells, and more.

With both setting information and game mechanics, Bio-Tech 2100 lets you explore all aspects of the biotech revolution. Learn about this technology from both a scientific and social perspective; discover what skills and abilities are needed to mold, influence, and even impersonate artificial life; gain insight into Legality Class and Social Stigma in the diverse world of tomorrow, and more. This supplement also includes GURPS stats for over a dozen uplifted and bioroid animals.

With Bio-Tech 2100, you might never look the same way again at all things living. Download it today from Warehouse 23, and make your Transhuman Space games come alive!

 Steven Marsh

Warehouse 23 News: Strange Adventure Under A Dying Sun

Life is cheap and death is easy on the Purple Planet, the epic alien world for Dungeon Crawl Classics. The adventure continues amid the irradiated sands of Dungeon Crawl Classics #84.1: The Rock Awakens. Download it now, from Warehouse 23!

November 20, 2015: It's Gonna Be A Gloomy Winter

Munchkin GloomDuck of GloomWe're big fans of Gloom, designed by Keith Baker and published by our friends at Atlas Games. It's rare to see a game that combines bloody-minded murder and madcap storytelling so seamlessly, and it's a perfect game for those long winter nights when everything seems bleak and barren.

In fact, we're such big fans that when they were looking for ways to expand the Gloom franchise, we worked with the Atlas crew on a couple of Munchkin items:
  • Munchkin Gloom crosses the dungeon-delving hilarity of Munchkin with the party-killing, um, hilarity? of Gloom. Whoever can find the most gruesome and depressing way to kill their characters wins the game! Designed by Keith Baker and illustrated by John Kovalic.
  • The Duck of Gloom is an adorable little goth duck plushie. It comes with two cards; one is a regular Munchkin card, and the other is a rare opaque Gloom card that can be used with any flavor of Gloom, including Munchkin Gloom. It also has a zipper compartment for storing your trinkets and baubles. (Yeah, we mean dice.)
If you haven't ever played Gloom, you're missing out. In addition to the original game and Munchkin Gloom, look for Fairy Tale Gloom and Cthulhu Gloom at a store near you!

 Andrew Hackard

Warehouse 23 News: It Takes A Village To Make A Disaster

The fantasy village of Tigley has rebuilt itself after disaster .�.�. but a myriad of secrets, threats, and self-induced complications threatens to cause its collapse permanently! A plethora of problems await the heroes in Village Backdrop: Tigley. It's a download away from Warehouse 23</a

November 19, 2015: New Resources For Car Wars: The Card Game!

Car Wars: The Card Game We've recently updated the page for Car Wars: The Card Game, adding some additional resources. You can now find a card list for the Third Edition and a downloadable PDF of the Third Edition rules. While we were there, we beautified and reorganized the page, to make all the info easier to find! Take a look and let us know what you think on the Car Wars forum!

Car Wars: The Card Game is available now at your Friendly Local Game Store and Barnes & Noble Booksellers!

 Anna Meade

Warehouse 23 News: Undersea Cyberpunk Excitement

Get ready, cyberpunks! You're about to board a sunken submarine to recover the mysterious Project 5. The depths of the ocean may not be the biggest threat the heroes face in Cyberpunk: The Bonin Horse. Get it today from Warehouse 23!

November 18, 2015: 2014 Report to the Stakeholders

Every year since 2003 there's been a "Report to the Stakeholders" to tell you how we're doing. 2014 was no different .�.�. wait, yes, it was different! The 2014 report was not written by me, but by our new CEO, Phil Reed. Who does not need to be reminded that it was late, so don't remind him. He's also doing the one for 2015, and it will not be late.

Read the new report here; to compare it with past years, scroll to the bottom of the page for links to all previous reports.

We keep doing this because it generates good feedback AND makes us think about our own performance, but writing it is harder than it looks. Thank you, Phil, for taking this off my plate, and for a very good year.

 Steve Jackson

Warehouse 23 News: Mythic Europe's Most Infuriating Creatures

In Brittany, there are tales of creatures that like to play tricks on all who pass their way. Ars Magica: Faerie Stories has all you need to add mischievous faeries to your adventures. Available in print or PDF from Warehouse 23</a

November 17, 2015: USAopoly Talks: Designing Munchkin: The Nightmare Before Christmas

The USAopoly team shared some behind-the-scenes info with Steve Jackson Games on the game development process of Munchkin: The Nightmare Before Christmas, including game creation challenges, favorite game rules, and the importance of working together as a design team.

USAopoly Munchkin The Nightmare Before Christmas Design TeamThe USAopoly Design Team includes (from left to right):

Casey – Game Designer

Danny – Head Illustrator

Bonnie – Illustrator

Kami – Head of Content & Rule Creation

SJ Games: What was exciting about designing Munchkin: The Nightmare Before Christmas?

Danny: For me the most exciting part of this project was the fact that it was Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas! I'm a huge fan of his work and I love every element of that movie. I had to capture the character illustrations just right to do right by the fans who love it.

Kami: As the content creator, I was excited (and terrified) to look for hidden nuggets from the film to showcase. Sometimes, it would drive the illustrators nuts because I'd base a card around something that was shown for less than 10 seconds in the whole movie.

SJ Games: How did you prepare for the game creation?

Kami: Watching the movie, repeatedly. I would fall asleep at night with the songs running through my head and would still be singing them the next morning. That was my inspiration for the Trap cards. I knew I had to incorporate those lyrics into the game.

Danny: I watched the movie probably 50 times and looked at as much concept art from the movie as I could  and drew a lot!

Casey: Definitely watching the movie repeatedly, looking at fan art and forums and, of course, playing Munchkin.

SJ Games: Were there any interesting design challenges with this game?

Kami: My biggest challenge was making my favorite characters from the movie into the monsters! I didn't want to have to fight against Zero as a monster, but what's a Munchkin: The Nightmare Before Christmas game without him? In my own mind, I compromised by making him a Monster but giving him a unique Bad Stuff effect. If a player can't beat Zero, the bad stuff is "zero," as in nothing; there is no bad stuff. But if a player can defeat Zero, the player has the option of taking the single Treasure or keeping Zero as an item. Personally, I always keep him!

Danny: My biggest challenge was the feeling I had big shoes to fill in terms of the illustrations. I had to keep the character design consistent and bounce back and forth between Christmas Town and Halloween Town characters and objects. It definitely kept me on my toes.

Bonnie: One challenge we had as illustrators was that some of the objects we illustrated were shown for maybe five seconds in the film and obscured by heavy shadows, so we had to use our imaginations and figure out how Tim Burton would have visualized it and illustrate from there.

Casey: One of my challenges was that most of the artwork, frames, backgrounds, etc. had to be created internally, and it all had to be made to feel like it belonged within the Nightmare world. We had to create diversity among each card type and make each set look unique with a dark color palette, but in the end I think we pulled it off.

Casey and KamiSJ Games: What is one of your favorite rules that you created for this game?

Kami: One of my favorite cards is Making Christmas. Each player has to choose a hand item and pass it to the player on their left. [This card rule] felt true to the movie because sometimes players are gifted a card that doesn't help them.

SJ Games: What made working on Munchkin: The Nightmare Before Christmas�special for you?

Danny: Kami did an amazing job of creating the content and pushing me to illustrate some of the most random or obscure things that add so much depth and detail into the game. My co-illustrator, Bonnie, is an amazing collaborator; she did an amazing job of bringing my designs to life, and her insights/ideas/suggestions were invaluable to me. And Casey's design sense, attention to detail, and crazy hard work tied everything together to create this beautiful game. I'm so thankful to get to work with such super talented, creative, insightful, and hardworking people on a daily basis.

Bonnie and DannySJ Games: What's your favorite part of the finished game?

Kami: The subtle humor and the beautiful illustrations. This game was so much fun to work on and bring to life. Hopefully, people will have as much fun playing it as we did making it.

Thanks to the USAopoly design team for answering all of our questions!

 Anna Meade

Warehouse 23 News: The Holidays Are Coming!

Fill your little munchkins' stockings with care .�.�. and Munchkin Stocking Stuffers! This kit lets you deliver Munchkin cheer with five packs, each containing four new cards, plus five Munchkin-themed gift tags to let you label other seasonal loot. Available from Warehouse 23</

November 16, 2015: Super Art From Art's Super!

Baltazar PunsterKovalic Punster Working on the Munchkin Guest Artist Editions has been an absolute joy. Getting to see familiar cards reinterpreted by different artists is a real kick. Best of all, we've been able to work with some artists who are new to the SJ Games family.

One of those is Art Baltazar, who may be new to SJ Games and Munchkin but is definitely NOT unfamiliar to many comic readers. Among Art's many credits are Tiny Titans and Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam! for DC, as well as his own books The Big Amoeba and Patrick the Wolf Boy. Art graciously agreed to give us his take on Super Munchkin, and I can't wait until we can share all his work with you all.

In the meantime, I have picked one card to share in both the original John Kovalic and new Art Baltazar versions. While I could have chosen any of the great cards Art has drawn, there's one card in Super Munchkin that speaks to me on a very deep, personal level. I refer, of course, to that vilest of foes: The Punster.

Art Baltazar's Super Munchkin Guest Artist Edition will be out in the second half of 2016.

 Andrew Hackard

Warehouse 23 News: The Epic Struggle Of Feng Shui 2 Just Got More Epic!

The endless conflict of Feng Shui 2 comes alive like never before, with Feng Shui 2: Secrets of the Chi War. Discover mysteries, visit new realms, and fight like the world depends on it! Download this supplement today from Warehouse 23.