May 1, 2016: Crowdfunding Focus - Arena: Fury Of Hellas

Crowdfunding Focus

Arena: Fury of Hellas

Our friends at Kobold Press are at it again with Arena: Fury of Hellas. This card game puts 2-4 players in the shoes of Greek gods, using their powers to manipulate the monsters and heroes to fight in the arena. The iconic characters are gorgeously illustrated, and the card design is crisp and clear. It's a fast-playing game, finishing in about 15-20 minutes, and uses a fairly standard-sized deck so it will be easily transportable as well. There are some creative funding goals, with the option to back at a lower cost, but a print-on-demand style deck, all the way to a deluxe version with nicer tokens and cards. The best part to me is that you get access to the print-and-play documents to play it while you wait on the final Kickstarter delivery.

There's still a lot of time left in the campaign, so you won't need the powers of Hermes to back it. But hey, those powers wouldn't hurt, either. 

Hunter Shelburne

Warehouse 23 News: Presenting Perilous Yet Promising Portals!

Take your Munchkin game to differently bold places with Munchkin 6 - Demented Dungeons. This set includes 20 double-sized Dungeon cards that completely shake up Munchkin game, and 16 Portal cards to get from one Dungeon to the next. Get it today, from Warehouse 23!

April 30, 2016: GURPS Makes It To Silicon Valley

Thomas Middleditch Actor Thomas Middleditch plays a nerd on HBO's Silicon Valley, but apparently he's actually very cool in real life: he plays GURPS. The actor talked about his favorite RPG on Late Night with Stephen Colbert. Stephen is a bastion of geek knowledge himself, so the fact that Mr. Middleditch was able to school him a bit on our game was pretty neat in and of itself. As if one name drop wasn't enough, he also mentioned GURPS in a CNET interview

If you haven't checked it out yet, or are new to RPGs, GURPS Fourth Edition is a great jumping-on point. Open up your world to any setting you can imagine, and take the dive into a really fun game with limitless possibilities. With all this heat, we should work on a new tagline. How about: "GURPS - RPG of the Stars"!

Hunter Shelburne

Warehouse 23 News: The Apocalypse Has Never Been So Fun!

Power up the post-apocalyptic excitement of GURPS After the End with Pyramid #3/90: After the End. It includes new mutations, survival rules, monster options, and more. Download it individually or subscribe today – only from Warehouse 23!

April 29, 2016: Chez Geek Journal And Boxes Of Holding Offers On Warehouse 23

Chez Geek Journal and Boxes of Holding Do you like free things? Do you like Chez Geek and Munchkin? If you answered no to either of these questions, I don't know why you clicked on this, because the title mentions all of that. However, for your true believers, we have a couple of awesome deals for you on Warehouse 23 right now!

For the dedicated slackers, with any Chez Geek purchase you'll get a free Chez Geek Journal, while supplies last. Keep track of all your Nookie, or make grocery lists. Or both, I won't judge.

We didn't leave dungeon delvers out! Beginning now, and until May 31st, when you include any one Deluxe size or Guest Artist Edition Munchkin game in your order, we'll throw in a set of Munchkin Boxes of Holding for free. This offer doesn't include Munchkin Treasure Hunt or Munchkin Quest.

These offers are while supplies last (or ending May 31st for the boxes), so hit up Warehouse 23 today!

Hunter Shelburne

Warehouse 23 News: Science Meets Munchkin!

Grab your overcoat and top hat, and get ready for Munchkin Steampunk! Delve into the pseudo-Victorian age, and fight monsters like the Golden Golem armed with your trusty Canesaw. Available from Warehouse 23!

April 28, 2016: Barnes & Noble Game Night This Saturday

[BN Game Night Barnes & Noble has partnered with a number of publishers, ourselves included, to host Barnes & Noble Game Night on Saturday, April 30th! Not only that, but they've expanded it to every one of their 640 stores. So if you have a store near you, come out and play this Saturday. In addition to Munchkin Deluxe, there will be games from other publishers, like Superfight, Quirkle, Ticket to Ride, and Machi Koro, so you can get a variety of what the boardgame and tabletop hobby has to offer. You can even pick up some Munchkin promos, and who knows, there may be some special surprises! 

Check out your local Barnes & Noble store this Saturday at 4PM, and get your game on!

Hunter Shelburne

Warehouse 23 News: Welcome To MunchKon!

B-level celebrities, cosplayers, and endless lines, oh my! How will Spyke and Flower handle MunchKon? Find out in Munchkin #15! There's also a special code in the back for an exclusive bookmark and five random promo cards. If you order the comic from Warehouse 23, we will include them with your order.

April 27, 2016: Munchkin Comics #16 Out Now!

It's new comic Wednesday, and that means a new issue of Munchkin comics from BOOM! Studios! Munchkin #16 is out at your friendly local comic store, and contains two hilarious stories.

"Dungeon Crawl Classic," pits Flower, Spyke, and a mysterious third companion against competing bands of late-night dungeon looters. There's a lot of treasure to be had if they can avoid the other parties . . . and survive the night. It also features the art of our Guest Artist Edition contributor Len Peralta! In "Munch Kins," we learn about the eating habits of a couple of actual, factual Net Trolls! Our poor hireling has gotten himself caught between a rock and a hard place. Or more accurately in a cage suspended above lava.

Munchkin Comic 16 Munchkin Comic 16 Munchkin Comic 16

Pick up a copy at your local comic shop, and don't forget to use the code in the back to get a bookmark promo pack on Warehouse 23!

Hunter Shelburne

Warehouse 23 News: The Knight Has Fallen

Now armored warriors drop in on your Munchkin game! Munchkin Knights adds 15 new cards to your dungeon. Face off against the Boogie Knight with your Knight Cap. Pre-order yours from Warehouse 23 today.

April 26, 2016: Announcements For July

It's a horde of mythical beasts, mixed up monsters, zombies, and . . . princesses? Check out the coming attractions from Steve Jackson Games in July!

Munchkin Cthulhu Guest Artist EditionMunchkin Cthulhu Guest Artist Edition

Katie Cook has gotten her hands on Munchkin Cthulhu, and the cutening has begun! Take the Lovecraftian terror and humor of the original, and add Katie's charming artwork and you have the most hilarious combination this side of Innsmouth. Katie has illustrated Munchkin Kittens and Munchkin Puppies, two of our cutest expansions, so tapping her for this was a no-brainer. Nothing says "inescapable terror" like Chibithulhu, right?

Moop"s Monster MashupMoop's Monster Mashup

Moop is a crazy wizard who takes your favorite animals, puts them in a blender, and then has them fight you! Moop's Monster Mashup is an adorable addition to Munchkin, where animal hybrid monsters like the Owligator and Tigorilla face the steely blade of the . . . Beaver Cleaver?! The twisted creations are brought to life with the artwork of Ian McGinty.

This game is fully compatible with Munchkin.

Lots of games and expansions are coming back from the dead with new printings in July!

Zombie Dice 3: School BusZombie Dice 2: Double FeatureZombie Dice 2 and 3

Both expansions for one of our most popular games are back in print with Zombie Dice 2: Double Feature and Zombie Dice 3: School Bus. Do you like collecting brains? Then you'll love these new dice!

Zombie Dice 2: Double Feature gives you three different ways to mutilate medula oblongata. Following your classic horror movie tropes, like direct-to-video sequels and action movies, you have a buffet of brains at your disposal, including Santa Claus! For the ultimate risk, but the sweetest gray matter reward, try Zombie Dice 3: School Bus, which puts an entire class at your deceased fingertips. Those kids are packing heat though, so you better watch out.

ChupacabraChupacabra: Survive The Night

A blood sucking, evil, mythical monster. No, not your best friends. We're talking about the Chupacabra, and the only way to make it through the night is to get all of your opponents dice. Leave them dice-less, and you make it through the night, leaving your pals to have their blood sucked dry. It even has glow-in-the-dark dice! If you're brave enough to play it in the dark, that is.

Munchkin PrincessesMunchkin Princesses

Anybody can enjoy Munchkin Princesses, royalty or otherwise. I mean, being actual royalty may help; I wouldn't know. It's not like I'm secretly a prince hiding as a pauper working here at SJ Games. If anyone claims that, they're crazy. All I'm saying is Munchkin Princesses is great, even for peons like myself. Me, a totally normal, everyday, Munchkin loving person who is definitely not the son of a king.

Look for all this awesomeness at your friendly local game store in July!

Hunter Shelburne

Warehouse 23 News: We're Not Done Yet!

We've got more dungeons to explore! Munchkin 6.5 - Terrible Tombs gives you 20 more Dungeons to explore and 16 new Portals to get you there. Make your adventure bigger and pre-order yours today from Warehouse 23 or talk to your Friendly Local Game Store.

April 25, 2016: Preorder Munchkin Fu Guest Artist Edition Today

Munchkin Fu Guest Artist EditionMunchkin Fu Guest Artist Edition May is National Munchkin Fu Guest Artist Edition Month! What's that? I'm actually being informed it is not. But it should be! How else can you celebrate the release of such an awesome take on this classic Munchkin game?

John Kovalic and Munchkin go hand in hand, but Fu was one game missing from his portfolio . . . until now. John has dubbed his comic style to the action movie vibe of the original to redefine the already unique version. The lucky attendees of Emerald City Comicon in Seattle were already able to get their hands on it, and the reception was fantastic! Being a Guest Artist Edition, however, makes this limited, so you want to make sure you get your copy.

Munchkin Fu Guest Artist Edition releases next month, and you can preorder at your friendly local game store to ensure you get one. If you don't have a store, you can also find it on Warehouse 23. Unfortunately you won't find it at your local dojo, hidden monastery, or bamboo forest.

Hunter Shelburne

Warehouse 23 News: Lay It All Out!

Our new Munchkin Playmat: Spyke Gets Suckered has spaces for your armor, headgear, footgear, and everything else. There is even a Level track and a special space that will allow you to cheat once per game! Grab it today from Warehouse 23 or your Friendly Local Game Store.

April 24, 2016: Crowdfunding Focus: Pyramid Arcade - 90 Pyramids, 22 Games, Endless Fun!

Pyramid Arcade Crowdfunding Focus Never know what to play? Pyramid Arcade is a complete boxed set of 22 of the best games using Looney Labs' iconic Pyramids! Whether you're looking for a time-killer or a brain-burner, you'll never worry about being bored with this set. Pyramid Arcade comes with a deck of Arcade Cards which depict each of the 22 games with impeccable graphic design. This helps you decide which game to play, how long it will take, what the difficulty is, the player count, and which components you need to use. I am a fan of the art style for Pyramid Arcade. It is simultaneously fresh, retro, and easy to read.

The Pyramid Arcade Kickstarter ends on May 4, 2016, so you have a little more time to back!

Veronica Leon

Warehouse 23 News: Go Anywhere, Be Anyone!

Who you are and where you go is up to you with GURPS! The GURPS Basic Set: Campaigns helps the GM create and run any type of GURPS Fourth Edition game. Will you journey into history on a mystical vehicle, or to the far future on a distant planet? It's all up to you. Along with the GURPS Basic Set: Characters, you can play any GURPS campaign. Available in digital or hardcover from Warehouse 23.

April 23, 2016: Emerald City Comicon Wrap-Up

Munchkin Guest Artists Munchkin Guest Artists I was recently lucky enough to spend time in Seattle – one of my favorite cities to visit – for Emerald City Comicon, a great gathering of general geekiness and gaming! There were celebrity sightings, singing silly songs, artists of all kinds drawing their hearts out, and crazy cool cosplayers everywhere.

A couple of our guest artists, Ian McGinty (Munchkin Knights, Moop's Monster Mashup) and Katie Cook (Munchkin Kittens, Munchkin Puppies), took a break from Artist's Alley to come to our booth at the Sheraton to sign autographs and chat up fans, and we even had an impromptu visit from Munchkin Steampunk illustrator Phil Foglio!

Andrew Wolf, from our partner USAopoly, was demoing the new Munchkin: Marvel Edition to an excited stream of visitors while Guy Himber and I, along with some fantastic members of our MIB Demo Team, were showing off some of our latest creations such as Simon's Cat Card Game, Ogre: Objective 218, I Hate Zombies, and Bill & Ted's Excellent Board Game.

If you want in on the fun, our next stop is at PAX East in Boston this weekend. Come find us and play some games!

Andreas Stein

Warehouse 23 News: Slack Around The Globe!

Chez Geek: Spring Break adds 40 new cards that describe the ups and downs of travel, as well as new, giant Event cards that change the rules. Grab a copy from Warehouse 23 and take a trip . . . Bring along your roommates, too!

April 22, 2016: Top Ten In Warehouse 23 For March

Warehouse 23 Our Warehouse 23 staff has tabulated and toiled to compile the of the top 10 games and supplements in sales for March! We are excited to see the Munchkin promotional cards are still number one from February, while The Munchkin Blank Cards came out of nowhere and snagged the number five spot comfortably. Drawing your own cards must be a popular pastime (ahem). Munchkin Puppies had a paws-itive reception and came in at seven. As we can see from the number of BOOM! Studios Promotional Bookmark packs we are selling, people are still taking advantage of the promo codes found on the backs of Munchkin comics. Issue #16 is out this Wednesday! 

Here is the entire top ten:
  1. Munchkin Promotional Cards
  2. GURPS Powers: The Weird
  3. GURPS After the End 1: Wastelanders
  4. (Boom Bundle) The Official Munchkin Bookmark of Chained Attacks!
  5. Munchkin Blank Cards
  6. Pyramid #3/89: Alternate Dungeons II
  7. Munchkin Puppies
  8. Pyramid #3/88: The End Is Nigh
  9. (Boom Bundle) The Official Munchkin Bookmark of Vermicular Violence
  10. Ogre Pocket Edition
Veronica Leon

Warehouse 23 News: They've Got A Bone To Pick With You!

These dogs mean business in Munchkin Puppies! Face off against the Junkyard Dog armed with your Dog Paddle and Poodle Skirt! Watch out for the Dogs of War! Available from Warehouse 23.